From These Streets I Rise

Created by Mikki Jordan
Directed by Chris Harder
Music by Samie Jo Pfeifer
Watch the recorded Live Stream from CoHo Theatre
November 15-30, 2020.

PAC 2020 Graduation Showcase

A collection of scenes and monologues compiled by the class of 2020 for their graduation project. Free and open to the public. Directed by Shelly Lipkin and Chris Harder

1984 by George Orwell

Based on the iconic novel by George Orwell, 1984 is an intense theatrical reflection of how far technology and falsifying reality has come.

September 7 – October 6, 2019

Wolf Play

In a world where people struggle to have children, one American couple decides to ‘un-adopt’ their young Korean son because they have a newborn at home.

March 10 – April 7 2019

Cop Out – Beyond Black, White & Blue

A brand new, direct address style performance piece that reflects the complicated personal and professional experiences and emotions of police officers in our country today.
November 8th and 9th
Hollywood Theater


New adaptation of Taming of the Shrew by Amy Freed at Sun Valley Shakespeare Festival’s outdoor stage.  August 16 – 25

The Thanksgiving Play

A group of mismatched teachers and actors have been charged by the school district to devise an ethnically sensitive play to somehow celebrate both Thanksgiving and Native American Heritage Month.

April 1 – 29


“Part art installation, part TED Talk, part drawing room detective mystery, the mind-tickling triptych is pretty near a multimedia masterpiece. Playwright Christopher Chen.”
Oct 1 – 29