0 0 June 30, 2017

 October 1, 2017 – October 29, 2017

Artists Repertory Theatre on the Morrison Stage

An installation of visual art and live theatre presented in partnership with The Chújú Gallery/SF and The Geezer Gallery

“Lin Bo’s artwork – in combination with the theatrical installation, Qín (Caught) – is a fascinating labyrinth. The performance itself is compulsively engaging, chockfull of twists and impish conspiracy. Spoiler Alert: Come prepared to be surprised!” – San Francisco News

Ripped from today’s headlines and breaking the theatrical mold, artist Lin Bo’s work, Qín (Caught), presents a sly philosophical puzzle that investigates the murky intersections of fact and fiction in the crafting of art and news. The show features Lin, a dissident visual, performance and conceptual artist whose piece, Shìwēi (‘Rally’) led to his arrest and two-year detention by the Chinese government in 2012. After his release, Lin moved to San Francisco and launched a traveling exhibition of his work to Vancouver BC, Tacoma, Portland, Las Vegas and Minneapolis. In each city, Lin is partnering with theatre companies rather than traditional gallery spaces; in Portland, Artists Rep is hosting the exhibit.

The Artists Rep exhibition includes his current work, as well as a new theatrical piece, Qín (Caught), a lively exploration of the American obsession with ‘story’ and ’narrative’ as markers for ‘authenticity.’ Lin will be introducing the work at each performance, and discussing his harrowing experiences in detention under the Chinese authorities. Recently profiled by The New Yorker Magazine, he is writing a book about his journey as a dissident artist in an authoritarian culture, which will be published following this tour.

In Portland, Lin is collaborating with artists: playwright Christopher Chen, Dmae Roberts, Chris Harder, Sara Hennessy, Greg Watanabe, Horatio Law, Megan Wilkerson, Sarah Gahagan, Jennifer Lin, Rodolfo Ortega, Mary McDonald-Lewis, Samson Syharath and Shawn Lee to recreate this piece for Portland viewers.

Static elements of Lin Bo’s work may be viewed throughout October in the Morrison Lobby at Artists Rep on Tuesday through Sunday, noon to 6pm. Tickets to the live performance, where attendees can hear Lin’s introductory remarks, are available starting Aug. 1.