Communication & Presence for Non-Actors

0 2 October 1, 2018

arCommunication & Presence for Non-Actors

10am – 1pm

January 5th & 12th
$50 each class or $90 for both

Classes held at:
Artists Repertory Theatre
1515 SW Morrison St.
Portland. OR 97205

Class Description:
This two day workshop offers simple and effective acting tools to the non-actor for cultivating presence and authenticity in daily life.  Each workshop begins with physical awareness and relaxation techniques then moves into ensemble group exploration followed by partnered moment to moment analysis and adjustments.  The acting skills translate directly to real life communication with business clients, partners and personal contacts.  Space is limited to 15 students.


To register for one or both of these workshops go to the Artists Rep web site here!
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“It’s really good to be in class. You lead an awesome space. There is a strong sense of trust and safety, which leads to courage and honesty. It’s a pretty special environment to be in.”  ~ Briana Ratterman

“Meisner class makes me feel more alive.  It teaches me more about myself and encourages a depth of awareness I have not experienced with other techniques.  As an actor, it brings me more in touch with my own humanity and in turn makes me a better scene partner.  The vulnerability that I felt in class awakened my passion and ignited my curiosity.  I would recommend this work to anyone who wants to get to know themselves better.” ~ Amy Newman

“This has been one of my favorite classes in Portland.  I felt safe to be myself, to make mistakes, and to take risks.  Chris has a kindheartedness and humility about him that naturally puts the class at ease.  I found that presence supportive, and watched other actors evolve within it. “  ~Casey Pfeifer

“It was my first time taking Meisner but I loved the class and I think it’s going to help me so much in roles especially in film and TV.” ~ Tawny Early

“Just wanted to say how much I appreciate the time and energy you put into your teaching. Thank you for making space for it in your life— it’s changing mine.” ~ JC Ford

” I have benefited tremendously. I’ve learned to be more fully present, confident, and emotionally available.  I highly recommend this class to actors who wish to take their acting to another level, or to anyone wanting to become more self-aware and present in the moment.”~Janea Dahl

“I have found Chris Harder’s Meisner class to be very helpful both for my work as an actor and on a personal level. He creates a safe and encouraging environment, coaxing out more in people than they thought possible.” ~Greg Prosser

“Every class teaches me so much about myself, and gives me just what I need in that moment. This week it was a moment to let go, a reminder of how to connect with others, and an awareness that I need to care for myself. Such good food for this actor’s soul.”~ Lauren Mitchell

“Another great class last night, I learned a lot and had an epiphany about myself.  Looking forward to the next session.” ~ Jin Ryu

“Chris Harder’s acting class is the bomb!” ~Shannon Brazil

“Chris… I cannot tell you how much your Meisner training has already helped me. ~Holly Johnson

“Class exercises help me peel away layers of protection (truly one at a time, and only with some effort) to bring me to a new level of self-understanding and awareness… these classes help clear away false and potentially negative barriers to presenting an authentic self as the foundation for taking on a role and understanding the emotional reality of a character in a play.” ~Carl Wilson

“Chris! THANK YOU for your class. I can’t say enough about the experience. On every level it was fantastic and far beyond my expectations.  The space and environment felt so safe and growth nurturing. Your instruction and guidance was the perfect blend of honest, vulnerability, wisdom, encouragement…I could go on! It was THE FIRST time I have every really understood what happens with the repetition exercise and where it’s supposed to go, what it’s supposed to do and most importantly how it can help me grow.  I thank you.”
~Jocelyn Seid

“Love the class and appreciate your teaching style.” ~ Damon Eckhoff

“If you get the opportunity to take a class with Chris take it. Chris’ class pushed me to make new discoveries about myself. He just kept asking me to dig deeper and in the space he created I felt safe to keep searching and questioning my actions and choices. The instant community that was created in his class was impressive. It was the event I looked forward to most in my week.. Chris is present and caring, modeling beautiful interactions with his students. He is honest and truthful in his work. His powerful energy is engaging and inspirational.” ~Alexis Moore Eytinge

“I really enjoyed your class and your instructing style! You create a safe place to play and explore. Your feedback is helpful and encouraging, and your instructions and reflections are clear and easy to understand. I had fun and am excited for next week!” ~ Cita Oudijk

Just want to say “thanks” for what I’ve learned in your classes.  I now have a much better understanding of the Meisner technique.”  ~Dick McMahon