Collaborative Storytelling Workshops

0 0 September 15, 2019

Saturday October 19 and/or Saturday, November 9
10:00am – 2:00pm

Taught by Resident Artist, Chris Harder, this workshop explores myriad possibilities for theatrical collaboration and storytelling. Designed for all experience levels, new students can jump in and play, while those with experience in devising and Viewpoints work will enjoy these elements in different combinations. Working with the full ensemble as well as in small groups, students will have opportunities to create multiple compositions using such elements as kinesthetic response, spatial relationships, tempo, and gesture, with further inspiration from personal writing, poetry, endowed objects and other devising formats.

Chris has been training, devising and facilitating inventive ways to communicate stories for over twenty years. He has worked with numerous groups such as Sowelu, Sojourn, Shaking the Tree, and Portland Actors Conservatory, as well as creating his own devised work.

LOCATION: The Zidell Office (3121 SW Moody Ave. Portland, OR 97239)

ENROLLMENT COST: $50 for ONE Workshop OR $80 for BOTH Workshops




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Here’s what students said from a recent workshop:

It was FUN and full of playfulness…a time of creativity and of collaboration.
I learned new things — not just about acting and plays but about myself.  Cooperation with others and enjoying the “yes, let’s do this” and going with that idea.

This class is like walking into a laboratory of friendly experimenters, eager to support each other to try new things.  

We grow, we learn, but most of all we have fun, and the learning is almost effortless.  
The volume of creation in each class – allowing myself to be part director, part screenwriter, and part actor, I learned to think more broadly.

I had no experience directing others or building scenes.  Class was incredibly fun, and we were shocked at how much meaningful work came from each richly dense class.  I saw all this positivity in my classmates, seeing that their impulses work – not just in their own performances, but in creating and directing scenes.

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