Time Capsule

0 0 June 2, 2021


Time Capsule will be an interactive on-line theatrical installation that imagines an experience 50 years into the future and invites visitors to explore “found video footage” from the covid -19 pandemic of 2020. An episodic miniseries unfolds, revealing the lives of 14 characters that were forced to socially distance and work through their personal dilemmas and relationships remotely.

Visitors will arrive at the Time Capsule website, enter into an immersive environment, and choose their path from multiple entry points of interest. Each entry point takes visitors to a dynamic 10 minute video “episode” which reveals a glimmer of that character’s story, enticing visitors to explore more episodes freely. The journey will be unique to each visitor as they experience the entire series.

Created by Chris Harder. Developed in collaboration with actors: Adam Roper, Adrian Harris Crowne, Alexis Moore Eytinge, Amelia Segler, Brave Sohacki, David Poulshock, Jim Ambrosek, Katheryn Shamrell, Olivia Macfadden, Tamera Lynn, Trey Lackey, Theron Wells, Tyler Havener, Yule Donnald & video editor Jason Rouse