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Stage/Tour -The Centering

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image centering1-1 (3)The Centering Press - Steve Patterson- Photo Credit 004Written by Chris Harder & Steve Patterson

The Centering Press - Steve Patterson- Photo Credit 045There is no escape from his interrogators. Driven to the edge, Davey’s memories reveal a dark and dangerous past. His only hope… the love and wisdom from his circus clown mentor.


“…beautifully performed… Harder exhibits masterful command of the script… A mesmerizing and moving, well-written and affecting play- a superb fringe performance.” -SEE magazine – 4 1/2 STARS

“A powerful actor who attacks his role here with a vengeance. …Harder’s performance is utterly riveting.” -VEUWEEKLY

“His clowning talents alone are endearing and truly entertaining and this gifted actor enthralls with simple, yet timeless antics. …a profound, intellectual and intense experiment that succeeds in presenting an unusual theme.” -EDMONTON SUN – Sun Rating: 4 Suns (out of 5)

“Harder’s performance is a tour de force… Most impressive is the ease with which Harder makes difficult, instantaneous transitions from one character to another — moving with suppleness across gender, ethnic and age lines.”
-Richard Wattenberg – The Oregonian

“Harder’s collaboration with local playwright Steve Patterson has produced a wonderfully crafted story that is both laugh-out-loud funny and deeply poignant.” -Eric Bartels – Portland Tribune