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The Snowstorm – CoHo Productions

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snowstore2January 16 – February 7, 2015
By: Eric Nordin

Directed & Choreographed by: Jessica Wallenfels
Musical Direction & Piano Performance by: Eric Nordin
Script Advisor: William S. Gregory 

Performers include: Kira Batcheller, Chris Harder, Elisha Henig, Brian Demar Jones, Matt Kerrigan, Garland Lyons, Jamie Rea, and Beth Thompson. 

This visceral, sonically vivid new performance piece brings the classical piano music of Rachmaninoff to life through cutting edge physical theatre spun around a classic romance with magical elements of puppetry and mask. The power of music to connect, to ignite, and to heal weaves through this original fable by some of Portland’s most inventive and cherished collaborating theatre-artists.

“Chris Harder’s Dmitri is very impressively drawn. Early on Harder ably portrays the sullen, restrained father who seems to avoid any intimate contact with his son even subtly withdrawing his hand when Pavel reaches for it during their first scene together. Later, however, Harder effectively conveys Dmiti’s struggle as he tries to break through the emotional walls he has erected around himself.”   Read a review of the show on Oregon Live Here!

“As the widower, Chris Harder couldn’t be better; he’s stern and unyielding at the beginning, but he gradually melts, and he has some lovely moments throughout; when he finally smiles, it’s like the sun breaking through, and you can’t help smiling back.”    Read a review from Broadway World Here!

“the “Ice Dancing” scene, which was so realistic I wasn’t sure that if I walked across the stage I wouldn’t slip on the icy pond.”   Read a review from Dennis Sparks Here!