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Stage – The Yellow Wallpaper

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cohoJANUARY 15 – FEBRUARY 7, 2016

CoHo Productions with Grace Carter and Sue Mach present the world premiere.

Written by Sue Mach20150803_Grace_Yellow-Wallpaper_515_square-580x579

Conceived by Grace Carter

Adapted from the short story by Charlotte Perkins Gilman

Directed by Philip Cuomo

Performed by Grace Carter, Chris Harder & Christy Bigelow

A new expressionistic performance of The Yellow Wallpaper by acclaimed Portland playwright Sue Mach, adapted from the American short story by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. The story follows Charlotte to a single bedroom where she is confined by her doctor/husband for three months in 1890 as a “rest cure” for her postpartum depression and anxiety. Isolated and under-stimulated, Charlotte turns to an interior world of imagination, obsessing on the room’s ghastly wallpaper until a trapped figure appears to her in the pattern. Is it a hallucination, ghost or animus – the personification of her own trapped psyche? This multi-disciplinary live performance features immersive set design and original music, with a script that incorporates letters from Gilman. Descend to Charlotte’s inner landscape to follow this woman writer’s journey through constraint to creativity and transformation.

“Chris Harder’s John has a steam trunk chest full of 19th century confidence in his practicality and the grand roads that empiricism is paving.”  –   Oregon Arts Watch  –  full review here